I let my mind wander

and it just never came back.

1 October
Bonjour LJ-users! My name is Kayla. I live with my mom, regularly dress in frills and lace, and spend much of my time wandering the town in search of something to do if I'm not out with my darling boyfriend Chris.

I'm a Goth and a Lolita. I'm a writer and an avid reader. I enjoy sewing and baking. I'm an impulse shopper, I see it I buy it. I'm also a pagan and a witch. I enjoy growing plants and playing with Oracle cards.

I'm kind of quiet and I come across as snobby or elitist, but I promise I'm not. In fact, 100% of the time I probably think you're better than me. So feel free to chat me up, I'm always willing to have a conversation and make new friends.

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