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Oh my gosh!

Wow, it's been almost an entire year since I've written anything here. I must apologize for not at least putting a "HIATUS" sign up here somewhere. I've been hammering away on Blogger mostly these days and I used to pop in here just to check in on some communities once in a while but I haven't done that lately either. 

Well, consider this the official:

I'm on Hiatus, please come back later! 

So yeah. If you want to follow my blogs over on Blogger, you're more than welcome to.

Here are the links:




Black March

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

This year I have only a few simple resolutions. I don't normally make them since I know I can't really adhere to them, but I think I'll be okay this time around:

~Wear no Lolita for at least six months
~Get straight A's this semester
~Reconnect with my spirituality
~Eat healthier

Pretty simple, ne?
What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Bleached my hair.

Brief update here on my recent bleaching session.

Tomorrow it'll be purple! 

Shit Sucks....sometimes

So I'm all moved into my dorm room. The room itself is okay, I feel pretty comfortable in it. My roommate is very rarely here anyways, so I often have it to myself.

Classes are mostly okay. Getting up for my 8 am course sucks monkey balls, but I can still do it. 

It's just....I really miss home. I miss my family. I miss Chris. A lot. And it's really hard to stay in contact with people because the phone in the room doesn't work . I need to get one that's functional. And hope that helps things a bit. It would be nice if my mom could call once a day or something.

I've only made a few friends here and there. I hung out with Shelby twice. Went up to Sarah's room once but she's transferring so meh. And there are a couple of people I chat with on Facebook.

But I miss Chris so bad. It's hard not being able to chat with him much. He's either at school in the morning, working in the afternoon, or sleeping. Shit sucks. 

But I'll get through it. It's hard now and I cry sometimes, but I'll get through it. 

A full-length life update

 Wow, LJ! It's been a while since I sat down and wrote a real, personal entry here. Probably because I've been pretty busy getting ready for school and stuff. Yeah, I'm heading off to university in about a week and I'm actually quite nervous. I'll be living on campus, so I have to pack up a ton of essentials this week and I'm so worried I'll forget something vital.

I'm attending St. Cloud State University to pursue an English Linguistics degree and a minor in East Asian Studies: Japan. Why do I have it all planned out that way, you ask? Well, because I've decided that I really do want to go teach English in Japan. It's something I've thought about for a long time and this is me finally pursuing that and actively reaching for my goals.

It feels good. I'm nervous, of course. But definitely exciting and I'm glad I'm doing this now. Better late than never. 

Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

No, I don't. I don't have any close friends anymore actually. Just online acquaintances mostly. 

How sad is that shit?

Writer's Block: Love to hate

Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

I think my favorite movie villains aren't so much villains, per se, but just people with a cause we can't relate to. 

Goblin King - he's not really a villain, even though he's pompous and throws Sarah once curve ball after another. He's there to teach her a lesson that the world doesn't revolve around her and she needs to pull her head out of her ass. A lesson well learned, I think. 

The Puppets in Puppet Master - Again not villains. They're just doing what their Master wants of them, hoping to please. But they have their own sense of justice and if you fuck with them, Master or not, they get even. I can admire that.

Prince Nuada - An elf prince with a cause. He hates what humans have done to the earth and the races of magical people are dying because of it. He's just desperate to fix things and, being a warrior, sets about it the only real way he knows how.  I can empathize though. 

They're great villains because they're real people too, not just faceless suits slapped with the "bad guy" label for the hero to kill.


 It's my new blog.

You know you wanna check it out.


Long time, No post.

Sorry it's been so long since I updated this journal. I guess I've been too busy.

1. I'm heading off to university in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!
2. I've been getting dorm essentials together.
3. I've been networking with new schoolmates.
4. The weather is hot and disgusting.
5. I haven't been feeling well lately.

That's really about it. 

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